Four New Books Available in Print!

Series: A Plethora of Deities: a humorous fantasy stories about a wide range of gods, angels, demons and the mortals who must deal with them whether they want to or not. All now available in print at my storefront;

  Book One:
 Downhill All the Way
Fantasy humor
    Marcus Steele just wants to be an archaeologist, but when his fiancee is abducted by a terrorist he follows her through several supernatural realms, a guided tour through Hell and the dress rehearsal for Armegeddon. Humorous adventure.

  Book Two:
 In the Sky With Diamonds
Fantasy humor
    Armegeddon is not good for children and other living things, so the gods have chosen a hopefully less destructive way to contend against each other. Hawk Wilton was a major league baseball player for only five games, but now he had a chance to manage in the biggest league of all! Baseball in the ultimate fantasy league! 

  Book Three:
The Seed Fantasy humor
    What if you could grow a new Tree of Life? Eddy Salem, retired ad executive and gardening hobbiest, is the big winner in the Springtime Seed Company’s contest. The prize, however, is a single mysterious seed. With the seed comes a host of equally mysterious people, including a trio of beautiful women who soon move in with him. Who are they and what, if anything, does any of this have to do with all the strange things that have been happening around the normally sleepy town of Hattamesett, Massachusetts?

   Book Four:
The Tree –  Eddy and his guardian goddesses may have protected the new Tree of Life against the machinations of Loki and Iblis, but there’s still half a year left before the Tree can come of age and there are more devious enemies massing just beyond sight and even Mother Nature cannot see how it will all end!


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