Two More Books


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 By the  Light of the Silvery MoonsBook Two of The Terralano Venture. The excitement may have calmed down on Earth, but it is just getting started on the Lano home world, Treloi.  Captains Susan Ho and Eesai di Sonea and their crew bring Meriwether II  to Treloi to sell a precious cargo of monopoles and get swept up in a clash between tolerance and bigotry. The discovery of a new and possibly hostile alien race only exacerbates the situation!

Also available at reasonable prices at

The Staff of Aritos Book Two of Ars Nova Magica

  Wizard Candle and his new students planned on a whole summer of intensive studies in the magical arts. But class comes to an abrupt halt when plague breaks out on the Isle of Fire which turns out to just be the warm-up act for what’s happening in Granom. Magic and Science mix in this fantasy set in a mid-Twentieth Century millieu.

Author’s note: Actually this has been available since August, but I released it while on vacation and one thing leading to another, forgot to blog it at the time.


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