Four New Books Now Available in Print!

I have just released several new books via my storefront:

The Tears of Methis

In Book Three of Ars Nova Magica when a Friendship Corps party goes missing in the Saindo Archipelago., Candle, Oceanvine and Sextant rush to the rescue. But the problems in Saindo are minor compared to the death and destruction they encounter in the Republic of Bellinen. Now the Wizard and his students face their greatest challenge in a series of life-or-death encounters.
This volume also includes the novella "Freshman Orientation" wherein Apprentice Sally Candleson discovers there’s no such thing as a routine first week at University. Hybrid Fantasy-Science Fiction in a Mid-20th Century millieu.

By the Light of the Silvery Moons

Book Two of The Terralano Venture A year ago the the human crew of the exploration starship "Meriwether I" responded to a strange distress call and made first contact with the Lano, an elf-like race whose ship seemed to run on magic. Earth erupted in turmoil when the first Lano representatives arrived, but now it is the Lano’s turn when Captain Susan Ho and her crew arrive on the lano capital world, Treloi in Meriwether II. The Lano population is split on the subject of interspecies marriage and adoption with proponants on boths sides of the issue demonstrating fiercely for what they believe in. The situation only gets worse, however, and a third, but hostile space-faring race is discovered. SF action and humor!

The Wayfarers
I. A Land without Borders

In a world divided into wild and stable regions the only humans who can find their way from one stability to the next are the members of the Guild of Wayfarers. Wayfarers not only guide travels through the Wild, but also act as judges, detectives, diplomats and frequently act as clerics. Raff and Emblem Cawlens are two of the best Master Wayfarers. When they learn of a strange and dangerous new path through the Wild, the job falls to them to find and stop the rogue wayfarer responsible.

II. A World without a Name

Master Wayfarers Raff and Emblem Cawlens were enroute to their home in the Green Lands with their new apprentice, Kazani, when they were summoned to the court of Kharasian Empire. Wayfarers often act as diplomats and during international negotiations, but someone is not bargaining in good faith. The result will be an all-out war with the High King of Corisa. Meanwhile the Council of Elders in the Ken Nation are meeting to form a new government that will reshape the entire world. Fantasy adventure in an 18th Century millieu.

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