Caught Up At Last!

For the first time since I started publishing on I am at last as close to having everything in print as I am likely to ever be.

Four New Books in Print
Ars Nova Magica Book Four – The Book of Candle

The Wizard Candle has died a hero’s death, but his students continue on and now it’s up to them to Oceanvine, Sextant and their new students to save the world from the sinister One Maiyim conspiracy in a life-or-death battle in the thrilling conclusion of Ars Nova Magica.

Dry Dock: A Story of Maiyim

It’s been thirty-five years since the fall of One Maiyim. Oceanvine and Saltspray decide to take a nice leisurely cruise around the islands, but while One Maiyim might be gone, someone is certainly making trouble out there. Hybrid Fantasy/Science Fiction, this story stands as a bridge bbetween the for Ars Nova Magica stories and the upcoming series: Ars Scientiaque Magicae.

A Plethora of Deities V:    Tempting the Fates

     Love is the watchword when goddess Inanna meets Michael Fulden. A pleasant chance encounter turns into a date and a romance, but love is never easy, even for the Goddess of Love and when she gets into an argument with the Moirae, those ancient Greek goddesses also known as the Fates, she finds herself living in interesting times.

Off On a Tangent

A comic romp in an alternate reality. It’s a satire on Medieval-based fantasy (Learn why you don’t want to walk into a "Fay bar"), with a lot of humor ("Be careful where you step. There have been elves here."), and some horrendous puns (Meet the Avant Gods!). This was the first book length story I ever wrote. My writing may have improved since then, but thisis certainly one of the funniest stories I’ve ever done.

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