More New Books – Are You Surprised?

I’ve been busy and this is just the start.

Now released at

The Wayfarers: A Country without Unity

Several years earlier, Raff Cawlens managed to win in a no-win situation set up by his enemies. Now his adopted son, Kazani Basan, recently promoted to the rank of Master Wayfarer, finds himself in a similar situation only he has none of Raff’s experience and his only assistance comes from his long-time friend Chanya Sanai. What he does not know is that the treacherous negotiations he has been assigned to are just the start of a long series of dangers designed to destroy him and his friends and family. Available in .lit and zipped HTML formats.

and now available in print and .pdf formats at

The Pirates of Pangaea – Book One:

     An Accidental Alliance

Waking up long after anyone could have imagined, Parker Holman and Iris Fain lead their team of explorers into the new and alien wilderness Earth has become only to discover that not only are they not alone but that their old planet has changed more than they imagined. Along the way they meet new friends and learn of enemies that would destroy them and their new world.


The third Maiyim series: Ars Scientiaque Magicae:

Book One:
    Unexpected Reactions.

Two hundred years ago Wizard Oceanvine hid the yacht Maiyim Bourne away, but nothing stays hidden forever. When Jerry Carter finds the boat in the wreckage of his father’s warehouse, he undertakes a responsibility he neither desired nor was ready for.

Several more to come later this month!

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