Still More Books Now In Print

Once again I am close to being caught up with only two titles still being proofed at this time. Besides the news of the three books below, I should mention that due to a deal between and, most, if not all my books are now available from Amazon. Look me up there, although one of these days I need to take the time to add descriptions to the Amazon listings. The titles and my name are there, but that’s all.

The Wayfarers Fantasy Adventure

 Book Three: A Nation without Maps
Raff and Emblem Cawlens were looking forward to spending the summer at leisure with their adopted son, but events conspire against them. Mysterious murders, politics, long time enemies and even friends force the Wayfarers back into action in this third book in the series. Available in Print at

A Plethora of Deities Humorous  Fantasy

 Book Six: Teasing the Furies
Evrona is not your typical teenaged Fury, so it’s up to Jael, a demoness who’s been possessed by a mortal soul, to find a place for this misfit Erinys. Meanwhile Enki’s come up with a new idea… Time to duck and cover! Available in Print at

Down Time, Ltd. Science  Fiction  Humor

 Book Five: Double Time

            Aurellian Pflum, Time Pilot, is an easy-going kind of guy and can get along with almost anyone, except himself. Pflum and Persi return home from a simple milk-run to discover they had already arrived. Now each has an identical twin to cope with. Who says two heads are better than one? Available in Print

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