Five More Titles in Print

     It’s been a while since I updated this, but it’s also been a while since I put any of my books into print. The following stories are newly available at my Storefront

Hypothetical Notions (Book 2 of Ars Scientiaque Magicae)

    Jerry Carter and Islandtwist continue on their quest toward Methis’ Forge. But quests are always filled with dangers and detours and this quest leads them not only across the world of Maiyim but entirely beyond as well.

The Pirates of Pangaea: The Unscheduled Mission

     In the second book of the series Parker Holman and his fellows thought they had won Earth her place in the galaxy, but the fighting was not over yet. Faced with duplicity and treachery, they learned their war had only yet begun. Soon they would be facing some of the finest warships in the galaxy under the command of a most ruthless admiral.

Inspiring the Muses (Book VII of A Plethora of Deities

     Teen-aged Fury, Evrona is ready to go to college. Enki, the ancient god of water, magic and inventions wants to own a college. Convenient? Not hardly! Enki assembles the usual suspects and turns them into a faculty and the school year begins, but nothing is ever so simple when gods are involved!

The Wayfarers (Book IV) A Country without Unity

     Several years earlier, Raff Cawlens managed to win in a no-win situation set up by his enemies. Now his adopted son, Kazani Basan, recently promoted to the rank of Master Wayfarer, finds himself in a similar situation only he has none of Raff’s experience and his only assistance comes from his long-time friend Chanya Sanai. What he does not know is that the treacherous negotiations he has been assigned to are just the start of a long series of dangers designed to destroy him and his friends and family.

The Terralano Venture Book 3: There Goes the Neighborhood

     When Eesai Di Sonea’s ship, Meriwether I, gets becalmed in a strange nebula, the men and women explorers of Meriwether, Inc. encounter the most exotic life forms yet, a race they call the Volano. But how will they get free of that nebula when it absorbs all their energy, and just how will their discovery affect the Terralendir when they do?

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