The Return of the Pirates of Pangaea

Hmm, if i ever write a second Pirates of Pangaea series, that could be the name. In the meantime I’ve noticed someone out there has a comic out there by the same name. I’m fairly certain I used it first – I really searched the web for mentions of pirates and Pangaea when I first started planning the series – and it has not relation to my stories at all. I haven’t seen the comics, though, and they may be very good. I wish the writer/artists well.


 Holy Crap! I invented the iPad!!! Well, no, but I did predict the iPad at least two years before Steve Jobs introduced it to an Apple-crazed fan-base. You can read all about that in the Author’s Foreword of The Pirates of Pangaea: A Planned Improvisation which has just been posted for download at my free e-book site. As I write this, I have finally just finished the rough draft of Ars Scientiaque Magicae: Required Components. It took a lot longer to write that one than I might normally have (See my update from January 1) but now I’m proofing it alternately with Dancing with the Sphinx: Tango. I probably ought to move on to The Wayfarers:An Ocean without, but instead I am working on the plot of The Pirates of Pangaea: The Forced Alternative instead which will bring that series to a close. And all the projects I’ve mentioned below? Yes, eventually I shall get to them as well.

 BTW: Much as it pains me, I have to face the fact that Microsoft has abandoned the .lit format that I have used as a staple for my e-books. I think .lit and MS Reader was a great format and way to read and was a great way to proofread my books. I’m, not going to stop posting in .lit immediately. I will use it to finish up most of my current series, but I have already embraced the .mobi/prc format which is also natively readable on all model Kindles. I am also looking at the EPUB format which is a finicky format but one I know some readers prefer. In fact I already have the first two PIrates of Pangaea books as well as the second volume of Gaenor’s Queston the Apple and Barnes and Noble stores in EPUB format. For the record, I had nothing to do with the choices – blame I just noticed one day that I was getting extra revenue and when I looked to see what was selling got a happy surprise. Anyway while one can purchase several good PDF to EPUB converters, there is a certain ammount of prep work you must do to make the final result something that is 100% complient witht he EPUB format. The converters don;t do the whole job so conversions may have to wait until I have time. Well, I can sleep when I’m dead or so they tell me.

As always my books can be found at my free e-book site and alt

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