Dancing with the Sphinx: Tango and other news

Just posted Dancing with the Sphinx: Tango. I am having trouble with my .lit converter (Overdrive Readerworks) and an edition in .lit format may be delayed or never appear. The problem is that ever since Office 2007 came along with the new .docx format, something has changed in the documents even when I save them in the older .doc format. Consequently, to  convert to .lit, I must first reformat to plain text (in other words, dump all formatting) and then carefully reformat the entire document. It takes quite a while and I’m not sure it is worth the effort now that Microsoft no longer supports MS Reader. For those of you who still use it, btw, Microsoft still offers both Reader and the Word to .lit format converter, but the converter does not work with Word 2010… When I have a chance I’ll have to set up a machine with Office 2003 on it so I can convert the documents directly, or convert the file manually. In the meantime here it is in mobi/prc format (also natively readable on the Kindle and in Html format so you can reformat the story to whatever reader you use.

Also I am rapidly running out of manuscripts to proofread. I mention a few months ago how family health issues are seriously cutting into my writing and plotting time and I only wrote one new novel this past year, Ars Scientiaque Magicae: Required Components. So I am spending the summer plotting new stories to try to get a little ahead. In the mean time there is going to be a bit of a gap between the next release and the one after that. Sorry about that. So much I want to write and just don’t have the time.

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