Are You a Science Fiction Writer or Do You Want To Be???


Snakehead Games, Inc. is running a short story writing contest with cash prizes. The grand prize is $1000 (Canadian) with $100 (Canadian) each to all semifinalists. And winners won’t just get cash, they’ll get to see their stories in print in the book that will be published following the contest.

All stories must take place in Snakehead’s “Starcrash Universe” and be from 3000 to 6000 words in length.

For further details see Snakehead Games’ official announcement at  There you will find information packages concerning Snakehead’s two flagship games, Star Pirates and Spy Battle 2165 along with a link to the Starcrash timeline and two sample stories (which, incidentally, I wrote).

Spy Battle 2165 is played in a world where Regenabots have made people effectively immortal, but there is nothing idyllic about the Earth of 2165. It is a world of depleted, the ice caps have melted, flooding large areas of formerly inhabited land, and political, corporate and idealist factions are in contention for control. In this world, the players are agents, whether for a faction or an independent operator.

Star Pirates takes place in a Solar System in which Earth is no longer habitable and all people are now living on space colonies of one sort or another. Players in this game are “Free Captains,” essentially privateers with nebulous license to prey on anyone one or thing not under the control of the AI Council, including each other.

Both games can be played for free and have a remarkably friendly community of players. They also have archives of still more information within the games.

And if you don’t fancy yourself an SF writer and just want to play the games, here are the links again:

Spy Battle 2165

Star Pirates

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