Two New Titles in Print

It has been a while since I was able to announce any of my books in print, but it is time.

Ars Scientiaque Magicae: Required Components
The Tzali, aggressive colonizers from an alien world, have arrived in Maiyim’s system and only master mages Islandtwist and Spinnaker can tell the world just what they are up against. Will anyone believe them when they cannot explain just how they know so much about the attackers?

This is the fourth book in the series and is available in paperback and .pdf ebook format at
It continues to be available in other formats at

The Pirates of Pangaea: The Forced Alternative
Being formally accepted into the Alliance of Confederated Worlds only increased the danger to Earth and all her indigenous peoples. Now the entire alliance is under attack and it is up to Parker Holman and his fellow Pirates to save the Alliance and end the threat from the Holy Premm Empire and their so-called Dark Ship allies once and for all in the exciting conclusion of The Pirates of Pangaea.

This may be a first for me. Usually I release my books in .lit, .html and Kindle (.mobi/prc) formats well before they appear in print. This time however those first formats are being released at simulatneously with the paperback and epub releases at The epub format availability via Apple’s iBookstore and Barnes & Noble NOOK Book Store is pending, but since the rest of the series is already available at both venues, I am sure they will be there eventually (approval generally takes a few weeks).

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