Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Since I am not sure anyone actually reads the news posts I put up on my Free E-books website, it seems appropriate to repeat my latest update in this venue as well.

Some readers may have picked up the fact that I do not just review audiobooks and radio plays, but, in fact my primary writing activity is to create new fantasy and science fiction stories, mostly novels but every so often I find the inspiration for a shorter bit of fiction. At one point I was pumping out five novels a year, but life got in the way and I am still not writing at speeds I once considered normal,  I do have a rough draft in the can for  Ars Scientiaque  Magicae: Experimental Proofs and am in the process of proof-reading it in the hope I can have it in shape by July.

The series, Ars Scientiaque  Magicae (The Art and Science of Magic), is the third (and probably final series of novels set on my world, Maiyim. Maiyim is primarily a water-world on which the land masses are  collected into three major archipelagos and a few minor ones. The first  series on Maiyim, The Maiyim Tetralogy, is a collection of fantasy adventures set in a cultural an technological milieu roughly similar to that of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century. The second series, Ars Nova Magica (The New Magical Art) takes place two generations later in a milieu not entirely unlike that of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and is a mix of fantasy and science fiction. Ars Scientiaque  Magicae is a futuristic mix of fantasy and science fiction that takes place over two centuries after the second series. I also wrote several connecting stories between those series, so there’s a lot of verbiage in those volumes.

Other projects: I plan to start writing The Wayfarers: An Ocean without Charts (Book 5 of that series) within the week or so. I am also actively plotting Ars Scientiaque  Magicae: Desired Results,  so I anticipate that I will be completing that series in the coming year. Before that and later this spring I hope to finally complete the series Dancing with the Sphinx with Foxtrot.  After that? Well, I have a lot of plotting to do but Tales of a Dyslexic Wizard and Gaenor’s Prophecy are still in the  cards as well as the concluding two volumes of The Wayfarers: An Empire without Order and An Island without a Shore.  So I guess I still have a lot of planning and writing ahead.

Good! I would hate  to get bored! ☺

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