Hey! I Finally Got Another Book in Print!

Being self-published that may not be as exciting as it would be to get a big check from a publisher, but when it’s just a hobby you have to take what satisfaction you can, and regardless of whether I make any money from this hobby of mine (only a little), it is both fun and rewarding.

ExpProofsthumbAnd so I am proud to announce the release of Book Five of my SF/Fantasy series Ars Scientiaque Magicae, Experimental Proofs. In this volume, my main characters, Islandtwist, Spinnaker and Pulac-pa (seriously, it’s easier to read the books than try to explain their names in midstream) continue their adventures in the midst of an invasion from space and home-bound political and military intrigues. Here’s the blurb; “The Tzali now have a claw-hold on Maiyim’s moon and a massive asteroid invasion base from which they are preparing for the final invasion of Maiyim. Meanwhile, the sinister Sons and Daughters of Maiyim are manipulating both sides to their own ends, but when the Maiyim Strike Force suddenly invades the Olen School and abducts the Tzali loner and their ally, Pulac-pa, they all have a new set of enemies to deal with”

It is available now in various forms and formats from my website: My E-book site and my Lulu.com Spotlight page.

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