Happy New Year! I Have Released a New e-Book

 OceanwithoutChartsthumb    I am pleased to announce that Book 6 of The Wayfarers: An Ocean without Charts is now available for download in .lit, Mobi/Kindle format and in .html from my web site . I must apologize that the .lit formatted version is not as slick as previous volumes. I have been using ReaderWorks Publisher to produce my .lit formatted books, but while it is a great program, it has become increasingly incompatible with newer versions of MS Word. Maybe I should turn that around and say that Word is incompatible with RW Publisher, but it is all relative, I suppose. Consequently, I was forced to use a .txt file to convert to .lit. The result is readable, but not as nice looking as when I could go directly from Word format (and using the old .doc format does not help. There is something about the newer versions of word that puts in something incompatible regardless of format unless I save in plain text.) I plan to start writing the next volume in this series, An Empire without Order in a week or two. It will finish up the current story arc, a series within the greater series. I still plan a final story, An Island without a Shore, after that.

When not writing audiobook reviews, I am currently proofing the third of the Dancing with the Sphinx trilogy, Foxtrot and also the finale of Ars Scientiaque Magicae: Desired Results.
This spring I plan to write a new
A Plethora of Deities story entitled Chasing Rainbows and will begin a new series next fall, so for me it is bound to be a very full year.

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