An Audio-Book Review: An Attack of Hysterics


How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse

By Hiccup Horrendous Haddoc III

Translated from the Old Norse by Cressida Cowell)

Published by Hachette Audio

Read by David Tennant


The Book:

Once again Cressida Cowell has written a fun book for kids and parents alike. This one leads directly off the last when it turns out that near the end of Book 3 (How to Speak Dragonese), one of the characters had suffered sting by the tiny Venomous Vorpent dragon, is now ill and will die if Hiccup cannot find and bring back the only known cure, the vegetable that cannot be named… but I’ll name it anyway; it’s a potato. And the only known potato close enough to Berk is in the hands of the Hysteric tribe who kill anyone who come within reach. To make matters worse, Hiccup is particularly loathed by the Hysteric chief because Hiccup managed to shoot him in the butt with an arrow.

So the task is near impossible but with his trusty, tiny dragon, Toothless and his Bog Burglar friend, Camacazi, Hiccup sets out to save Fishleg’s life. It’s slapstick and fun and also quite clever. Enjoyable at any age.


The Audiobook:

I had a few problems with David Tennant’s reading on the Third book, but none at all this time around. His accents worked perfectly with all the characters and it was just great listening to him go on. I fully intend to listen to the rest of the series when I get a chance.

So fun story and a superb reading of it.

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