New and Newer!

I have two new books available in print and one is also available electronically for the first time as well.


An Empire without Order is now available in print at This is the conclusion of a long story arc that began several books ago. In it Master Wayfarer Raff Cawlens  and his companions may be all that stands between a unified Ken Nation and complete anarchy. However, failure to rescue the Kenlienta will also rebound on him and the entire Guild of Wayfarers. It is also available electronically from and should be available shortly from Amazon, Barnes&, the iTunes Book Store and other fine book sites.

And introducing Book 11 in my “A Plethora of Deities Series,” Chasing Rainbows.

Chasing Rainbows-epub  Something is happening and it seems to involve all the rainbows in the world and rainbows are the essential tools of many deities. So when Jael finds a lost and confused messenger goddess from the Hawaiian pantheon wandering among the limbs of the Norse World tree, Yggdrasil and Iris, the personal message bearer of the Roman goddess Juno is nowhere to be found, someone is going to have to investigate. Chasing Rainbows is also available at etc.

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