An Audio-Book Review: Lucky Number Seven?

A Spaceship Named McGwire

By Randall Garrett
Published by Librivox
Read by Phil Chenovert


The Book:

The first six models of the artificially intelligent spaceship MG-YR (or McGwire) have gone insane and it is up to Daniel Oak to find out why, while not letting he seventh go the same way. The problem is he also has to “babysit” the headstrong daughter of the ship’s builder at the same time and keep her out of trouble, but Jaqueline “Jack” Ravenhurst has other plans.

In all this is a fun and engaging story by one of the masters of science fiction and fantasy. Garrett is possibly best known for his fantasy mysteries featuring Lord Darcy and his wizardly assistant, Sean, but he wrote equally well in both genres and A Spaceship Named McGwire is an excellent example of that. It is not a dark brooding story filled with intrigue and dark back stories, like too many pieces of modern SF are. No this is a story that gets right to the heart of the plot without bogging down in needless character self-discovery. Back then the idea was to tell a story, not pry open a character’s brain to see what made him tick only to find the author could not put him back together again.

So you can just sit back and enjoy the wild ride.


The Audiobook:


Once again Phil Chenovert uses his vocal skills to bring a fine tale to life. Mister Chenovert has an almost sarcastic tone of voice as he reads and it adds greatly to any light story, showing us the listener that he gets the jokes too. How he manages to do that without destroying the dramatic portions of a story I do not know, but he does. I must admit that I almost always look forward to hearing him read and even when I thought his might not be the right voice, he has managed to surprise me delightfully.

So, there’s not much else to say here. That’s sometimes what happens when you have a favorable review. We have a fun reading of a fun story. Download a copy and see if you don’t agree!

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