Two More Books in Print!

I am happy to announce that two more of my books are now available to purchase either in paperback or various electronic formats.


The Wayfarers, Book 8 : An Island without a Shore

In the Series conclusion, Kazani Basan, Chanya Sanai and Raff Cawlens must lead a team of Wayfarers and Kenlienta Elders in a monumental mission to stop a rogue human city from destroying the global ecology before others choose to engage in open warfare.


Corrected Visions-Thumb

Gaenor’s Prophecy, Book 2: Corrected Visions

Artur, Gaenor and their allies must prepare the World against the continuing aggression from The Holy Empire, formerly known as the Southlands. They have already conquered several technologically advanced nations in lightning-like strikes and are now adapting their newly captured technology into weapons unlike anything the World has ever seen. To hold them off the rest of the World must stand united, but not everyone sees the threat.

These titles, and most of my others, can been purchased at as well as, the iBookstore, Barnes& and other major outlets. For more information on all my stories please visit my website at

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