Two New Books Available

I have just published two new books in paperback and various electronic formats:

The first is the same series conclusion to Gaenor’s Prophecy; A New World Revealed that I released in electronic format back around the first of May this year.

New World Revealed-ThumbThe Empire of Vohnider has become more aggressive than ever and has blended high technology with magic in their push to conquer the world in the name of their gods. The magic is of a sort no one outside of Vohnider has ever seen or contemplated, but now Gaenor of Narmouth, her colleagues and friends most find a way to counter it or all will be lost.


The second is the latest installment of A Plethora of Deities, Stacking the Deck: Jokers.

Jokers-thumbTrouble is brewing all across The Divine Plane and in the Mortal World as well and the League of Pantheons turns to the demoness Jael for help. Can even she and her increasingly strange team of gods, goddesses, spirits and other supernatural creatures solve the problem this time?”

Both books are available, along with my others in print and electronic formats via and will soon be available from other outlets such as, the ITunes Bookstore, and many other popular places to buy print and electronic books.

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