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I Have One On My Desk Too!

Just saying… Advertisements

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Why do Squirrels Always Seem to Wait to Cross a Road Until a Car Comes By?

Squirrels: Counterphiles (lovers of fearful situations) or Just Plain Nuts? It’s a common sight when driving. You’re puttering along, minding your own business when, suddenly,  a squirrel decides that NOW is the best time to cross the road; right in front of … Continue reading

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Finally! A New e-Book Available

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was holding off the release of my latest e-book due to the fact that it was not yet ready. It certainly was not!  Due to an assortment of errors, I kept losing … Continue reading

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New and Newer!

I have two new books available in print and one is also available electronically for the first time as well. An Empire without Order is now available in print at This is the conclusion of a long story arc that … Continue reading

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