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An Audio-Book Review: Stop playing with Fire, Snookums!

Unwise Child By Randall Garrett Published by Read by Mark Nelson   The Book: I’m not sure if this story was intended as an homage to Isaac Asimov’s robot stories or a commentary of his Three Laws of Robotics … Continue reading

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An Audio-Book Review: SF Meets Pulp Fiction

The Ambulance Made Two Trips By Murray Leinster Published by Read by Phil Chenovert   The Story: In some ways, this is a typical early 1960’s science fiction story, but Murray Leinster gives it a spin that makes it … Continue reading

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An Audio-Book Review: Seeing Things and Hearing Voices (That are Really There)

Ten Days in a Madhouse By Nellie Bly Published by Read by Alys AtteWater   The Book: Nellie Bly (aka Elizabeth Jane Cochraine Seaman) has always been an interesting person to me. She was a journalist who gained notoriety … Continue reading

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